What is this Wombman on About?

Life – what is it for?

Like you, I asked myself this question over and over, until it became clear – life is for evolution. There is nothing else we are doing here – on a biological, social, psychological, or spiritual level.

We are evolving.

Of course, we can also devolve.

From a young age it seemed pointless for me to join the work, consume, die culture that the adults promised my was freedom. I already knew mortgage was french for “death game,” so why on this heavenly Earth would I want to play?

People ask me when I woke up, what spiritual experience catalysed it for me? I answer that there was none – I was always awake.

I remember dozing off under the intense peer pressure of high school. I can look back and see myself slipping into the urban dream, momentarily. I had a small taste of what it is like to be a sleeper.

From then on I’ve been a seeker.

Now I’m in my forties, I feel like I have found some truths I want to share with YOU. And some techniques to get to those truths too, coz you’ll find them within you.

And that’s the trickiest place to go amidst the consumerist show.

This is what this womb I AM is on about 🙂