Welcome to my Whirled

This quote accurately describes my world. I wish I knew who wrote this so I could give them the credit due to this amazing piece!

“In other words, the absolutely full state of awareness (bharitākārā avasthā) which Bhairava describes is the immediacy of a joyously expanded field of awareness free of mental filters or projections; the opening to and welcoming in of the whole of the present moment without conditions; the granting of the heart’s consent to the moment as it is, releasing mental fantasies of how it could or should be; and the feeling of deep connection and presence that comes from surrendering into true intimacy with the qualia of reality as it offers itself and permeates awareness now. In this state, one’s innermost being (antaḥsva) is revealed as it really is, permeating the whole of reality (viśva-pūraṇa)—an experience that fills one with joy (anubhavānanda).

“So it’s like this: as we pursue our own enlightenment as the central force in our world, so we heal the tribe and the earth. Coz in that pursuit all useless, polluting consumer practices fall away. You cannot be selfish and self-realise. One is ego, suctioned to career, lover, partner, project, externally gratified; the other is the path of transcending capitalism, of innerspace, seeking healing, harmony, bliss and the sharing of love.

“Enlightened living cannot support factory farming, 9-5 commuting, slave children for chocolate, rainforests for toiletpaper, wild stolen coasts developed for the rich… Simply because these activities are profanities which desecrate the body temple and thus block the way. So pursue your own enlightenment if you wish to heal our world. Let all other pursuits drop away; the projects, the people, the causes, the media, and let your art and music arise from a space of freedom just to be, with no agenda in natural time and natural space.

“All these practices, of career path, workshops, protests, fame, of lovers and partners, remain in the sphere of ritual. Ritual is what we do to get there, not an end in itself. We are lost in the ritual of healing our world and we often do not cross the threshold into the true power that would heal.

“The radical nature of this revelation could only be appreciated through familiarity with the cultural context of the time, in which revelations of ever-more esoteric deities was a game of sectarian one-upmanship. A plethora of complex ritual forms and injunctions is at once done away with in a profound reframing of the purpose of spiritual practice: when we access the state of inner fullness, the state of liberated and expanded awareness, we are engaged in the highest worship possible. This teaching became popular later and is still popular today, but in the year 850, it was unheard of. It was a revelation.

“This is Tantra. Forget everything the media says about this art. Tantra is about enlightenment. Enlightenment – yours personally – heals the world. Not selfish, self-realised. No rituals, no decorations… pure presence.”

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