Materialise Spirit (spirit into matter)

How to materialise Spirit – there’s only one way :

Conceive, birth.

Any other way we claim to do this is imaginary, fraudulent; as what we are here to do is spiritualise matter – turn matter into spirit.

So calling down angels, ascended masters, goddesses is all theatre. Spirit is not claimed here. All we are doing is calling in other beings – entities also born into other realms as materialised spirit.

Just like us, beings with a divine spark, or not, but beings nonetheless. Beings who are good/bad, light/dark, kind/vicious, just like us. beings who live in duality – no matter what realm or dimension we believe we are calling them from.

Spirit resides in a totally different space. Beyond hierarchy, beyond polarity. We are living in our 3D bodies, firmly in duality. We can’t go beyond duality while in body, so it doesn’t make sense to say we are calling in a “spiritual being.” Spirit can’t hear us, nor does it speak our language. The Spirit which imbues our matter with life is not something we can command. No matter how many or how strong, the mystery of materialising spirit – spirit into matter – remains as dark as the womb it manifests within.

All we can do is spiritualise matter – turn matter into spirit. Coz we are matter. So we can do something with this matter. It is our matter that we spiritualise. As with the magic of the womb, we can be impregnated with a deeper, wider, more expansive fission which catalyses ensoulment. This, the common folk have mistaken to be ascension.


One way to spiritualise matter, but it’s more like – as Rudolf Steiner said – Ensoulment.

These days embodiment is a forked path. It can facilitate spirit into matter or it can lead to getting lost in the desire body. So many end up either in full immersion or full rejection (ascetism) of the desire body, not realising the goal is to fully let go of desire.

Once we fully let go of desire, there is presence. Perfection as it is. Minimal mind. Mostly radiance, contentment, synchronicity. We are ensouled. We just spiritualised our matter enough for Spirit to claim it, mysteriously.

We didn’t create anything. We had no help from goddesses or gods (just maybe from some extraordinary humans). No specific practise got us there. We just let go…

Now – to remain surrendered amidst the labyrinth of the social whirled – that’s the tricky bit!

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