21C Tantrika

I am not claiming to be a tantrika of old. Anciently, and for those now fully immersed in the ancient ways, the life of a tantrika is very different. That age has passed; today tantra is a word washed all over the place with unspecific tongues. However there are still those who roam the earth as practitioners of true tantras, and they are my inspiration. A few of these tantrikas are my teachers.

Commonly in Kashmir, where tantra began, tantrikas took the path of the householder, with a foot in both realms. This is where I stand. In one realm I am communing with devas and dragons, cultivating a body of nectar. In another I live as mother, artist, dancer, gardener and I make change in this physical world so others may join the path towards wholeness.

A few words from a teacher of true tantras:
“While the popular understanding in America of the word tantra is about sex, a truer understanding is ‘development of a refined energy body directly aware of itself originating from source.’ As a path, tantra starts with the development of the Inner Temple and concerns itself with the continuum and the continuity of conscious presence. Tantric practise, at times, works with passion and blending; thus sexual union is an invaluable aspect, provided the ability and awareness of working with refined energy is already present.”
Virochana Khalsai

Tantra is not what you think it is. It is the left hand path, led by the feminine. It sounds easy, but how we arrive at a place where we are truly ready to drop deeply into self-realisation is another story. This is my story, going deeper and deeper, more surrendered, more open. It is also our story, the story of a wounded humanity seeking to become whole, powerful and loving. We are one and the same.

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