Surviving = Thriving

How to thrive in an age of extinction? Extinction by vaccine sterility, cancer, chemicals, ecocide and ultimately 5G. We cannot stop it we can only survive it. Paradoxically, surviving equals thriving. Here’s how :

The test is smarts … out-of-the-box smarts. Coz if you stay in the box you’re dead. There are two tests to pass : a) can you read the signs? b) can you act on them?

Plenty of peeps read the signs but misinterpret the action. The source of their misinterpretation lies in the externalisation of power. We are all well trained in externalisation; school programs us to give power to authority, by obeying it or fighting it, it doesn’t matter which. Those who see the signs and then engage with government in protest are like children in school. This is allowed in the box and, as the only interest is to keep us in a box, protest suits authorities just fine. This approach is of little use. Action denied. Vicious loop continues. We risk remaining chained to the status quo of this sinking ship by maritime law and a very clever Hegelian dialectic.

Turn the will within.

This age-old esoteric maxim is the way to thrive in an age of extinction. The act of freedom is to internalise our power. But wtf does this mean?

“… the organism tolerates partial resection of some organs without compromising the roles played by the latter in the general economy. This shows that the disappearance of a few cells, an infinitesimal part of an organ, goes unnoticed: its functioning is not impaired. As the essential role of the General Law is to watch over continuity of function, this disappearance passes unnoticed by it. Therefore it places no further obstacles. Symbolically, one can say that cells which escape from this law now enter the domain of the Law of Exception. This escape of a few cells is a phenomenon which occurs constantly.” p68 Gnosis One, Mouravieff

Internalising our power is the ability to say NO to external programs; to say no to social consciousness, no to careers and striving to prove, no to biological family; and thus position ourselves outside of the dominant paradigm. It is much much harder to do than to think. It is why most peeps are still living in the suburbs and shouting at governments, even though they know subconsciously the politicians don’t care or can’t act because their hands are tied by the industrial military complex.

Positioning ourselves outside the dominant paradigm is a recipe for thrival. Why? When we evacuate to a secluded country bolthole, suddenly we will have clean water, clean air, fresh grown food, forests to ground and energise us, and we’ll be way clear of the electromagnetic radiation manipulation that is about to get superserious all over western civilisation. No one is stopping 5G. It’s the final stake in the frequency fence; and whoever is inside the fence has failed the test.

You cannot take everyone with you. Not everyone is smart enough to pass the test (the majority – see the recent Aussie elections). Most cannot read the signs in front of their noses due to the cognitive dissonance in their brains. Of those who can read the signs, most cannot act due to the social conscience infiltrating the psyche.

For example: I give you an exact recipe to survive and thrive and you’re already making excuses why you can’t do it, aren’t you? Now ask yourself – is that logical? Is that sane?

We are taught that the actions required to pass the test produce the deprivations of dirty hippies. If we stay stuck in the shadow of social consciousness we can’t perceive the beautiful possibilities of a truly sustainable lifestyle. We’ll protest :

what about my friends and family? I’ll be lonely!

you gotta be in the system to change the system!

self-sufficiency isn’t possible and anyway it’s too much hard work!

but what about my children’s education?

money doesn’t grow on trees, where will I get it out there?

So … try and bring a few friends with you, don’t attempt self-sufficiency (use the economy while it lasts), and did I say you can’t interact with the system? No. You are in a more powerful place to act for change when you’re not entangled in it/reliant on it. Your children? Research all the good news about raising children in natural environments. You have teenagers? Hmmmm. They’ve just left home? Don’t be surprised if they turn up on your country doorstep once the shit really hits…

Money? Be a digital nomad, work online, do airbnb, and it does grow on trees – just properly researched cash crops, or in preparation for marijuana legalisation.

To pass the test of survival in this age of extinction – and thrive – WE MUST ACT. Acting brings out our mythical noblesse. It requires humility, perseverance, foresight, an open heart and mind, the ability to let go, to transcend the unhealthy ego and learn new skills by doing so. Conscious communication, shadow-work and permaculture are crucial to thrival. All these things are good for you. All these things are smart to do … and will enable going under the radar (literally) and being worthy of living on this beautiful planet; not just another disposable polluter commuting from box to box.

Our greatest influence will be our ABSENCE – just like the millions who “tuned in, turned on, dropped out” in the 70’s, who DID change culture. Friends and family will notice this much more than stories of banksters and drowning bears. If you’re here they can argue and dismiss you. If you’re gone they will miss you, coz suddenly you’ve taken yourself seriously – so seriously that you’re able to act. You’ve walked, not talked, and thus the will is drawn within.

Gnosis by Mouravieff free pdf

3 thoughts on “Surviving = Thriving

  1. Right here is the perfect website for everyone who wishes to understand this topic.
    You know a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you (not that I personally will need to…HaHa).
    You certainly put a brand new spin on a subject that’s been discussed for decades.
    Great stuff, just excellent!


  2. Hi Kira! i was reading my Terra Nova book by Dieter Duhm again, wherein he talks about living life according to the Sacred Matrix precepts and in Love, Peace and Trust. It’s so inspiring!
    Anyway, here is a paragraph I must share as it dovetails with your blog above;

    “Do we have to step out? If so, how? Where to? In order to be able to step out, we need an alternative to step into. It does not yet exist in its finished form, but arises through the creation of centers for cultural transformation, birthplaces of a New Earth. The collaboration of hundreds, thousands, millions is now needed for building the new structures, new working places, and new professions required for creating Terra Nova. All those who still have a meaningful function in the existing society may use it for setting the course toward Terra Nova. The revolution needs not only radical activists but also mediators between the old and the new world” (Dieter Duhm, 2015).


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