When I think “whole” I feel full, nurtured, complete and content : “peace” for me is a word that describes a far away ideal, something we fight for but never attain.

Since the powers that be (tptb) nearly lost control of an entire generation in the seventies, they have found a divisive device to keep the youth sucked into their system. Protest is one way to keep us engaged. With an artificial openness tptb engage in debate about environmental issues. We get a silky invitation to engage in legislation… come write a three hundred page report, employ experts… that’ll keep us busy! The carrot is the many small victories which never add up to anywhere near a match for “sustainable” industrial expansion and pollution.

Social media is another. On social media we came together to call a climate emergency. But – this is not really what is happening on this planet. There is no emergency because the sea is rising so slowly we have all the time in this world to adjust to climate – if our “leaders” were co-operative, but they are not. And this – is the real problem.

Our politicians are co-operating in a global control conspiracy employing Secret Military Armaments in Residential Technology (SMART) by activating the 5G network, while we worry about climate change. No one has consented to being irradiated 24/7 but this doesn’t worry our governments. They would prefer us to worry about climate change.

But not do anything … much … oh some more recycling maybe. Don’t worry, keep working (:

Between consumer environmentalism (sustainable shopping) and carrots for activists; tptb are making sure the seventies never happen again. By digitising our creative and protestative expression, we are lulled into believing we make a difference online. That’s exactly where tptb want us to be.

“…a world whose entire attention span has been either shortened to naught or stretched over into a whole other dimension; either dumbed down or smartened up beyond his own organic reach, absorbed and filtered by a technologically advanced value system, whose emphasis on expediting a digitally-governed economic currency flow is embedded into every aspect of a domain which is largely electronic.” Ang Stoic

The thing is – life is fake now. It’s the culmination of a long process of hijacking human expression and spelling it (subtly changing) differently (whole becomes peace) until we arrive on the brink of a truly artificial world culture. Technical Intelligence (T.I not A.I) looms as we verge on the eighth sphere … it’s so convenient, so what is the problem? We may as well get a piece of 5G, as we are not SMART enough already!

Well, nothing is authentic so there is no opportunity for further evolution. Culture gets stuck in a feedback loop. How can we evolve when an algorithm is managing the doublespeak? All our patterns become misrepresentative of humanity’s true trajectory. The algorithm rules.

In a society which feeds on war, trauma, greed there is no hope of peace. We can see it now that we are exiting this Age of Pisces. Peace is exactly as it spells – we each get a piece of the earth and nothing wholly.

“Robots and computers have hijacked many of the human neural sensory receptors, selectively filtered content using algorithms which decide for you what’s fun and what isn’t. This has seriously upped the stakes on all forms of natural expression.” Ang Stoic

The thing that made the seventies great was authentic self expression. A generation in action, and interaction. This generation acted by physically and creatively placing themselves outside of the mainstream. They actually got up and left suburbia. Now we cant live without wifi. The lives of youth, and not so young, have become so entangled with what is online, and we are almost incapable of making a difference.

What made radical change in the seventies, of policy, of government, of lifestyles – and for a peaceful true trajectory of humanity – was an actual move and convergence of masses of humans. The love-ins the communal houses the free concerts the back to the land the radical self expression … this was the recipe for change. Not legislation. Not fb activism. Not anymore.

This is the recipe to repeat if we want change.

So what has this device of media carrots circumventing re-doing the seventies, done? Kinda manifest the Brave New World bimbo. And we are only on the edge of what will come with the 5G space fence. Our devices drive us further into divisive but stylish boxes, perfect containers for the NWO.

“Between an economy that glorifies perceived success and an environment where an Uber driver could receive bad ratings for trying to have a conversation with a passenger, we have successfully created the ideal narcissistic society. This development has not been dubbed ‘a transition to selfishness’ because that would obviously receive popular outrage and backlash. It crept in slowly, like a thief in the night, taking the form of an increased fixation on the individual and with flowery titles such as #Selflove, #Nobadvibes and #Livingmybestlife.

“We have lost the sense of duty that naturally comes with love and we are left only with empathy; the new catchphrase when it comes to conversations about social issues. The thing about empathy though is that it’s a discretionary emotion; you decide whether to feel it or not. You feel it of your own volition, and in matters of your own choosing. Truth be told, it is so difficult that it is near impossible for you to empathize with persons facing challenges you can’t personally relate to. That is not to say you are a bad person; it’s just a difficult thing to do.

“And that is why the world is the way it has become.

….”The challenge before us now is simple; we need to rediscover the value in our human and communal connections. We are as advanced as we have ever been, but we are also collectively as sad and selfish as we have ever been and it is high time we did something about this. We need to redefine our values and describe what happiness means to us.” Ecowarriorprincess

More than happiness, we need to use words which spell out what is really happening to humanity – and be heard. Politicians won’t listen to what is really going on, as they are complicit in it. We need to listen to each other and our creative ways to break out of the cage of “consensual” culture so we can speak together offline about how to build a wholistic world – now. Get offline and go plant some more seeds.

Will you be one of the wi-fried in a world wired for the benefit of badseed billionaires?

“Which can only be stopped by sovereign individuals taking command of their own consciousness, thinking for themselves, and refusing to be told what to think. The time for that has passed, when politicians, scientists, leaders, had the powers to tell us what to think. They may imagine that they still have that power, but they don’t. Times are changing.” Graham Hancock

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