Dystopia (Ch 8)

“Wars are created by men who don’t know what love is and by their codependent women who have lost their souls to patriarchy. Premature ejaculation is the bombs which are dropped by men who can’t find their hearts or souls, and their dysfunctional women who support such action.” Maryam Majii.

Celebration of all life on Earth is vital for our wellbeing. This was the central piece of the Palaeolithic tribes. That is why they built temples and made love with the earth. If we are close to nature we are likely to have deeper friendships and a richer sense of self. In the cult of god without goddess, a split in our psyche disconnects us from each other and disconnects us from the earth. Environmental degradation is a form of violence. If Earth is our mother, the substance from which our bodies are made, the warm lap we grow up in, she who provides all our nourishment, and Earth is raped – how do we feel? The seemingly relentless destruction of the habitats we hold dear is an aggressive act which wounds and numbs our personal connection to Earth. Is this not the latest form of violence against the heretics?

From our Earthly perspective, night follows day, death follows birth, and masculine and feminine fall in love, procreating one more being into the entrancing dance of duality. There is a reason that there are two sexes in everything. They are supposed to complement each other. Once upon a time, when we were complimentary, there was relative peace on this planet. Today, after the reign of the Lord, we are consistently at war.

“Of the past 3,400 years [since 1400 BCE], humans have been entirely at peace for 268 of them, or just 8 percent of recorded history… Worldwide, 97 percent of today’s military

personnel are male. This is thought to be a reflection of culture and biology.” Chris Hedges.

World War III is a myth used to placate us that it is not happening. Infact, most of the world is at war. American soldiers have killed more men, women and children in the last decade than were killed in all wars last century.

Why? Our divine archetypes are no longer making love, we are no longer making love to life, to earth and sky and culture, and thus the polarised masculine has no check on its competitive nature. When woman became a chattel, a thing to be possessed rather than a being whose love and wisdom was courted, humanity lost its balance. As a protest, my facebook friends are posting cadavers. Witnessing such horror has become the wake-up call exclaiming :

Masculine power cannot be self-responsible in the gender-vacuum it has created!

If contemporary authors such as David Deida view modern women and say we are bonkers, uncontrollable, unreliable, et cetera, they are giving a new age rationale for the patriarchal paradigm. Yes, women may be all of the above, due to the history of female eugenics, but men are that also. In our separation both sexes are crazy. War is crazy. War manifests from the polarised masculine.

Our world is desperately in need of everyone’s femininity to restore balance now. Every woman, and every feminine action, is still connected to nature, to life-giving force, to Earth, and to wildness and freedom in a deep psychic place. Anciently, men closed down love in order to control. Denial of love is a psychopathic quality. How can such control be reliable or desirable, as it comes from suppressing love? Who ratifies authority from a place of love denied?

We do.

The cultures which exert the most control and suppression of women are the most violent cultures on Earth. They are the three religions at war on this planet right now – Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Looking at this scenario it is not hard to see how the repression of the feminine results in extreme expressions of competition, condemnation, and devolution of human culture.

I awoke screaming. If the birth trauma of a mother numbed by epidural and not present to meet me a I was wrenched from her womb by forceps was not enough, I awoke in the harsh lights hospital world to rough hands and inconscient chemicals, and I screamed. No one could hear me. They thought it was normal. I was screaming and no one batted an eyelid. So I screamed until I realised I had to seduce them. They wanted my seductivity in order to integrate me. So I seduced everyone. I thought that to get my needs met I had to seduce the whole world.

“Childbirth has been transformed from an awesome personal and social event into a medical phenomena, from a heroic ordeal into a meaningless and chaotic one.” Germaine Greer.

At its very natal roots, our culture is in denial of the powerful magic of childbirth and the sacredness of motherhood. A woman is wild birthing a child. Why did we hide her away in hospitals when she ought to be exalted in circles of loving support? When we deny this initiation we force our babies to suppress their primal power. As infants we begin to realise that conforming is rewarding.

This conformity is responsible for so much death and destruction.

The orthodox Jewish interpretation of wild woman Lilith is that she exists only as a psychic temptress in the male psyche. They say she inhabits the subconscious realms, where she entices men to masturbate with her sexual imagery. They say semen ejaculated in masturbation spawns Lilith’s demons in the psychic world. If so, Lilith has truly ensnared some politicians, who are showering their sperm demons over planet Earth as bombs. There is no feminine power equal to holding them accountable for the murder of innocent women, men and children, no matter how many millions protest against war. Today we have wars much more horrific than Vietnam, and none can effectively protest them.

“The power of man is the power of the father that cares. Wars are created by loveless men. They have not been loved by mothers who really know how to love them, and condition them to care, because they have already given up their own powers.” Maryam Majii.

Terror and manipulation are not original properties of Divinity. We don’t witness these in uncolonised Aurignacian cultures. Reading the tales of Adam and Eve and their offspring, we hear that ‘the Lord’63 used terror to rule them. Whoever the Lord is (and who is really sure?) these tales were rewritten in the Dark Ages as a political act. These seeds, sprouted in a time where humans truly lived in terror, became the fruit of war which has reigned on Earth since the Dark Ages. The first war was waged on women, witches, heretics. The next on colonised tribes, now we war for opium, for oil and commodities. In this comfortable secular culture, buffered by dollars, our psyches screened from the life and death struggle going on in other lands, what do we care?

Western culture has named for itself, a Bronze Age (Dvapara Yuga), which was followed by the Iron Age, and then what our history calls a ‘Dark Age’ (c.600 – 1200 CE). If this is correct, we can also say that we have clearly not closed the cycle and returned to a Golden Age of peaceful, empowered humanity. Therefore, we’re still in the Dark Age (Kali Yuga). Here our dominant archetype is the ‘god without goddess’ that we see in the dominant religions. Given that there is some historical wisdom around regarding the fall of unbalanced empires, perhaps we ought to care? Do we care enough to bring back this balance within our own lives – to honour and integrate our femininity – and thus radiate it out into the world, women and men alike?

This is something we all can do. It starts with you.

Laura Knight-Jadczyk asks the relevant question: “is there a relationship between what is happening in our world today, and what may have happened in a previous high civilisation that fell? Are we replaying Atlantis?”

My addition to that question is – how can we be sure that Plato was retelling a prophecy about a humanity which had lived through Atlantis, rather than describing an event which could happen in his future? Given their ability to rewrite history, it would have been prudent for the victorious monks of the Roman Catholic Church to cover up this possibility. I am telling you this story only because, when you look at what is happening to our beautiful planet, it looks like we are doing just that – repeating Atlantis.

We are repeating Atlantis because we are so out of balance in our power structures, we are so masculinised we have forgotten how to nurture life on Earth.

Plato’s (Greek) account of Atlantis is, reportedly, a report of older stories of a sunken continent which was the centre of a high culture. Atlantis created a cataclysm which put an end to the Earthly cultures surrounding it, and the world began again. This is history.

“Many authors of revisionist history write about Atlantis as if it were the Golden Age. However… in Plato’s exposition of Atlantis he emphasises the fact that it was an evil empire that instituted a World War.

“My thought is that it was the endpoint of a cycle in the Upper Palaeolithic; before the great technological civilisation of Atlantis came into being, that was the Golden Age. Fully actualised Atlantis was the Iron Age of that cycle, and it was in the process of trying to institute a New World Order when the destruction came.” Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

When we see sociopathic behaviour in our politicians, when we witness environmental destruction and violence all around us, when we know our climate has changed, as we can see it, year after year, and the scientific community can’t give us a consistent answer, could we be living in Plato’s Atlantis – an evil empire which initiated a world war? Undeniably civilisations rise and fall. Where are we in this cycle?

Maybe this is a reason to care about feminine power, the power to nuture, and how we walk that in this world?

I am intrigued the psychology of psychopathology because our culture of capitalist democracy only makes sense if it is designed by that kind of mind. A well integrated and truly sane design team would not arrive in this same cultural milieu. Here we have the society of the hunter, the victory of the tacticians, those who can ruthlessly outsmart their prey. The god ruling with no hint of the goddess.

As expressed in The Way of the Superior Man chapter – ‘She Doesn’t Really Want to Be Number One,’ we are conditioned to be passive and accept war. The chapter begins with a short narrative of a man going off to war, and ‘his woman’ begging him not to go. The man goes anyway, and Deida explains:

“This exaggeratedly dramatic scene captures a profound energetic principle. Although your woman seems to want to be the most important thing in your life, she actually can trust and love you more if she is not. A man’s highest purpose is his priority, not his intimacy. Your woman knows this. Deep inside she really wants it to be this way.” David Deida.

Any woman who really wants any man to go to war and murder children, women, men, turn cities to rubble and pollute whole ecosystems with toxic chemicals, is expressing the

brainwashing of millennia of violent oppression of feminine power. Any man who believes it is his highest purpose to do this, is also insane. How on Earth did we get into this mess?

A long time ago there was radical change in the ways of Mesopotamia, where Cro-Magnon culture had thrived peacefully for millennia. Why did Palaeolithic humans develop the gender polarity we see later on, enshrined in orthodox religion? The Minoans (essentially peaceful, artistic, with integrated feminine) and the Mycenaeans (male dominated warrior culture) were very different. This polarisation of woman and man initiated our descent into Dark Ages, and it remains today as the foundation of our culture. Only by reconciling these opposites can we evolve.

The polarity plays out behind the scenes… perhaps it is in our genes?

Neanderthals are described as animalistic hunters and gatherers who lived by survival of the fittest, their lifestyles unchanged for 200,000 years. Cro-Magnon society developed art, music and hippy communes. Is it possible that somewhere in the mists of our ancestry Homo Sapiens Sapiens and Homo Sapiens Neanderthalis mixed their bloodlines? They inhabited the same geographical and temporal milieu. A sort of societal psychopathology resulting from mixing of bloodlines could explain a lot about the resulting creation mythology; where sexual relations were the issue of taboo and woman was blamed.

“It may very well be that certain personality pathologies among modern humans, such as authoritarian personality and psychopathy, are due to the presence of some Neanderthal DNA… Here’s why I suggest this: if you study all the available material on Neanderthals you come to the idea that their basic natures – in the emotional/spiritual sense – are that of the psychopath.” Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

Exactly the myth which has been used to dominate femininity for millennia is the myth about women’s sexuality. Virgins who love life ecstatically in pantheistic temples = lust = sin = purge. Peel away this layer and ask what was the practical reason for controlling sex? Just for the next paragraph, suspend your disbelief.

Now, imagine that Cro-Magnon Women fancied Neanderthal Men, they took them as lovers and Cro-Magnon Women procreated hybrid children with a mix of both racial characteristics – artist and animal.

Or imagine that Cro-Magnon Men fancied Neanderthal Women, they took them as lovers and Neanderthal Women procreated hybrid children with a mix of both racial characteristics – communard and predator.

Women, men, or both? It was women who gave birth. It would have been a confusing outcome for a people who worshipped the female body as the creator of life. Somehow the miracle of birth was not delivering the expected genetic progeny. No matter who slept with whom, the result would have devolved the Aurignacian culture by mixing it with the previous evolutionary race. A devolution, infact. As we see in the temple at Gobekli Tepe, the temples gradually became less and less precise, less artful, less elegant.

We know woman was worshipped as the vessel of the miracle of new life, so woman was responsible for birthing hybrid children, and woman was controlled. Here is a rationale all the sexual prohibitions, regulations and revenge. And it’s a whole lot more simple than theories about lizards and blue men from the stars.

It is Eve, falling from grace.

Neanderthal or not, masculine power structures facilitate the psychopathic personality. The hunter. Materialistic, competitive, charming and lacking emotional intelligence; psychopaths are perfectly suited for corporate ladder climbing. Laura suggests that hybrid humans who were charming social predators would have been accepted into the tribe, and obviously pathological hybrids who displayed disturbing characteristics, or were physically distinctive, were likely to have been exiled. So through the generations we arrive at the modern sociopath, of whom many of us are completely unaware. The intrigue and power politics of the industrial military complex is the perfect place for them.

This is one version of power, the masculine one.

“The interaction between the psychopath and his prey is a caricature of what seems to be the Cro-Magnon religious view that prevailed in the Golden Age, and something that we have completely lost.” Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

The devotion, or obsession in the case of the psychopath, to the chosen object is mimicking psychospiritual experiences of the Aurignacian cultures, in their devotion to ecstatic worship of life-force, manifest in all things (pantheism). Whether it be climbing to the top of the mountain on a vision quest to meet Great Spirit, or climbing to the top job on a quest to win friends and influence people, this takes dedication, persistence and will-power. In the modern era, religious rituals are clearly caricatures. They have lost their original motivation, and become rigid repetitions of something that once was. Do you celebrate Christmas with more zest for presents and time with family, or for 40 days in the desert and immaculate conception?

I don’t do Christmas, myself. I seek to honour the spirit and matter of nature in her cycles. This is a tantra. With my children, we celebrate Solstice and Equinox. I’ve tried to instill in them an awe of the mystery of our journey around the sun, the preciousness of our incarnation on this blue green jewel of a planet. It is simple and profound, and not in need of giftwrap.

So this is a far out idea. Are you experiencing cognitive dissonance? Modern mystics such as Aisha Salem and Shantam Nityam, express a concept of not one, but two minds competing for the human body, mind and soul. A Neanderthal and a Paleolithic mind; humanity before and after a ‘fall.’ This is echoed in many esoteric texts; in Rudolf Steiner, Gurdjieff’s adamic and pre-adamic man, and Carlos Castenada’s interpretation of Don Juan Matus’ ‘predators mind.’

“The sorcerers of ancient Mexico,” [Don Juan] said, “saw the predator. The sorecerers of ancient Mexico were quite ill at ease with the idea of when it made its appearance on Earth. They reasoned that man must have been a complete being at one point, with stupendous insights, feats of awareness that are mythological legends nowadays. And then everything seems to disappear, and we have now a sedated man.” Carlos Castenada.

So we deny the psychopaths in the shadows, we get comfortable with our unintegrated femininity, and what evolves in our society is shallow. It’s a caricature of what could be a fulfilling lifestyle, but it is not, because we just get it from the shop. Someone else made it for us, and that makes it kinda hollow. The roles David Deida describes for men and women are caricatures too. They are slightly more erect than usual, and envisioned from the other side of a tragic history of burning heretics. Helpful though they are, they are still firmly bounded by the dominant paradigm of goddess denied. Today, this oppression of our femininity is aligning us with the potential demise of humanity.

“We cannot reclaim the past, but we can witness a world without her presence; a world

which we exploit for greed and power, which we rape and pollute without real concern. And then we can begin the work of welcoming her back, of reconnecting with the divine that is at the core of creation, and learning once again how to work with the sacred principles of life. Without the intercession of the divine feminine we will remain in this physical and spiritual wasteland we have created, passing on to our children a diseased and desecrated world.” Llewellyn Vaughn Lee.

The work of reclaiming the harmonious and dynamic pulse of equanimous synergy between feminine and masculine is excruciating – for this generation, and perhaps the next ones too. The realm of the goddess where the divine is immanent as all creation and the sacredness of life exists in the presence of each moment is closed to the masculinised mind. This mind is for single pointed action, not for communing with the sacredness of all life. The goddess is still gone. It is our personal imperative to recognie these two states of being, these two minds – ‘single pointed action’ and ‘flowing with the powers.’ Learning to navigate between these consciously will change our lives, magically. Wearing flowing dresses and Sekmet pendants does not make manifest goddess. Acknowledging our sympathetic (male) and our parasympathetic (female) nervous systems, and learning to conciously change between, and direct these makes a big difference. Enticing Shakti to arise is a step by step process of trauling into the programs deeply embedded in our psyche, to keep her down. These are the shadows which prevent femininity from acting in the world. It takes focus.

In the religions which followed the Fall, the goddess melted into nature, becoming synonymous with a tree, a place or a season, and the god became an all conquering spirit, eventually enshrined in stolen gold on massive thrones – a king. So now we know where we can find her – in forests, landscapes and celebrating the seasons. In a more subtle way the holy couple’s separation led to the belief that the physical and spiritual worlds are separate and opposed. This separation holds in place the desecration of the Earth.

The Feminist Revolution is intellectualised by exactly this process, and many women’s circles do not breach the bounds of masculine ways of relating, are not ready to let feminine relating arise. It is not enough for women to be successful in the material world. Deep within our femininity contracts and dies.

“While many people are speaking about a return to the feminine, it is both a return and an evolution of the feminine that holds the key to our personal power and planetary transformation.” Kathryn Woodward Thomas.

We are Nukbah. We are Psyche. We remember. What we lack is the conscious courage to say ‘no’ to the clever diversions of the dominant paradigm. The analogy of the male psychopath stalking woman is really a story about how we have all, women and men, been stalked by a predatory power structure and consumed by its prevailing cultural desire to deny our human potential.

The difference is a dying culture or a living one. Femininity graces us with intuition to make this distinction. Override the civilised desire to be good or to be secure, and meet the goddess. We are scared to escape modern culture’s marketing mechanism, to run away with the festival tribe, get naked at the beach, to stand for love, or lose one’s self in the ecstatic dance of the goddess…

But that is necessary if we want heaven on Earth.

Reintegration of feminine and masculine power gives the possibility that heaven is on Earth, not in a disembodied dimension. Can we start living it in order to shift the collective consciousness into love and redemption? Plan B for the New World Order – a Golden Age. So what did the previous golden age look like on Earth? Look at the ‘goddess’ cultures.

“In a world where the masculine is divorced from the feminine, you’re going to have accomplishment for accomplishment’s sake, as opposed to accomplishment in service to creating deeper levels of care and wellbeing in our world.” Kathryn Woodward Thomas.

Accomplishment in service to creating deeper levels of care and wellbeing in our world. Accomplishment for accomplishment’s sake ends in war. To our cottonwoolled consciences the feminine/masculine split just looks like a nasty divorce. This divorce in our psyches does result in paradigms which endanger lives on this planet.

A sacred marriage between equals, a god and a goddess, within and without, is the solution. Seek out modern cultural icons who can praise at the altar of femininity. We begin our lives as a radiant child, as Hine Titama. Overwhelmed by sadness on the patriarchal grindstone, we turn into Hine Nui te Po, wailing and escaping underground.

Why can’t we stand for love? We can all see the exponentially increasing statistics for depression, mental illness, heart disease, cancer and suicide. Our culture is collectively being driven crazy.

Crazy is what our planetary consciousness looks like now. In the imminent evolution of the Noosphere, first coined by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, our global mind is struggling to reconstitute itself, empowered by the feminine in equal status to the masculine. This vision, reconstructed by Jose Arguelles and the 13 Moon Calendar movement, dashed by the hollywoodisation of 2012, and resurrected now in the convergence of neotantra, is in the process of unfolding in alternative culture. It ain’t yet heaven on earth, but the urge is being recognised at the cutting edge of consciousness exploration.

It is time for a new archetype of the empowered feminine, one which is integrated in women and in men. She is beyond the Bible, the Torah, and the Q’ran. She is carved in stone and buried in shrines all around us. She is woven in tapestries and in our psyches. She is in the rocks, the trees and the mysteries. She is the goddess who doesn’t run away from god, who will stand for love.

Surely Lilith was having fun in Sinai. There is a new Eden awaiting us, if only we can grasp it. 2012 may well have passed, as James of the Wingmakers said, “like a strong wind over a calm ocean – only those with their sails up will catch the breeze.” But there is a big swell rising now and we who are seeking hierosgamos are riding it home.