Y I’m not Hippy 101

Hippies were around in the sixties and seventies, before I was born.

They listened to Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Gong … I like electronica.

My parents were hippies so I didn’t have to rebel against them.

Buying organic doesn’t make me a hippy, as all food before the 1950’s was organic.

Hippies didn’t have mobile phones. I do.

Hippies dropped out. I can’t drop out coz there is no where left to drop out in.

Hippies have large properties which they bought for in the eighties for twenty thousand, and are now worth muiltmillions of dollars.

I’m not making things up as I go, I have over 40 years of permaculture, natural medicine and conscious relationship experience to follow.

I’ve imbibed psychoactive substances hippies never heard of (including co-enzyme q10, maca and cold filtered coffee).

Hippies never had yoga rhythms.

If you’re calling me hippy coz you want to call me wild, dirty, alternative, artistic, confronting, revolutionary or a freethinker, please just say what I really am.

If you’re calling me hippy coz you’re envious that I’m having fun, looking theatrical or following my bliss, why aren’t you doing that too?

If you’re calling me hippy coz I am a wholistic creative being, a wise earth mama, a spiritually activated empowered manifestor, well, just call me that. I am.

One thought on “Y I’m not Hippy 101

  1. nice one. a word towards more acceptance. we are humans rather than material things you can label and putvinto boxes.


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