~: Relationship Coaching :~

Remember Tinkerbell and her fairy talents? Well, transformation is my magical nature.

… Honed by a unique combination of Conscious Sexuality & Relationship training, constant yogic practise, & a Diploma of Counselling … so I can offer inspiring, out-of-the box solutions informed by cutting edge practise.

Simple solutions ~ at a very accessible price.

Life can be so full of expectations, plans & desires that we live in constant frustration. We wonder – where did JOY go? Your desire for change is not selfish, it’s actually self-preservation.

Radical self-care enables us to centre, connect & clarify; improving our relationships, increasing ease and flow, money and sexual satisfaction.

Conscious consent & healthy boundaries develop self-love and refinement. We learn the power of NO.

Innerstanding the dance of archetypal feminine & masculine within, and in others, brings wisdom and mastery.

Shadow work enlightens hidden traps and self-sabotage programs. We learn to release & heal.

And then we begin living more AUTHENTICALLY from a place of presence, peace and power … improving our relationships, enabling deeper communion, accessing the DIVINITY within all.

If this all seems like a far-off fantasy to you, please get in touch and let me show you how to stand in your power and create a better life & better relationships.

$30 per 30 minutes. Email me for a confidential consultation .