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Y I’m not Hippy 101

Hippies were around in the sixties and seventies, before I was born. They listened to Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Gong … I like electronica. My parents were hippies so I didn’t have to rebel against them. Buying organic doesn’t make me… Continue Reading “Y I’m not Hippy 101”

Golden Age

“When they claim never to have found a ‘true matriarchy’ these anthropologists are envisioning a mirror image of patriarchy, a vision which ignores the differing way males and females wield power.” Christopher Ryan & Celia Jetha The Burning Times fill our nostrils with the… Continue Reading “Golden Age”

Red Tantra is Relationship

“This openness, this conscious Presence, is the sole means of unveiling your innate Bliss.” Christopher Wallis. Once I balance my inner relationship with tantra, bringing my polarities into presence, I create a solid foundation for divine radiance to interpenetrate my life. The mother, the… Continue Reading “Red Tantra is Relationship”


When I think “whole” I feel full, nurtured, complete and content : “peace” for me is a word that describes a far away ideal, something we fight for but never attain. Since the powers that be (tptb) nearly lost control of an entire generation… Continue Reading “whole/peace”

Money Junkies

At least I did it – once – in this lifetime. Now I can really truly deeply appreciate how we’re strung out in suburbia, stretched and desperate for the next paycheque, bonus, dividend … gazing down an endless mortgage … hooked on capital. It’s… Continue Reading “Money Junkies”

Climate Occultists

If I told you the sea will rise 120 metres you’d call me a nutter, right? Even in the consensual climate science this would be ridiculed. However, that’s how far sea levels have risen in the post-glacial period, between 16-4000 BCE. In the event… Continue Reading “Climate Occultists”

How 3Rs Turn Into 3Ps’

When I learnt Environmental Management (back in the 90’s) there was the Waste Minimisation Hierarchy. The 3Rs. First reduce, then reuse … if you can’t do that, recycle. In the ways of laziness and general ignorance we have all gone weeeeeee – Recycle! Ignoring… Continue Reading “How 3Rs Turn Into 3Ps’”

In The Beginning

“After years of research specializing in history and religion, I have come to a colourful and what could seem, to some, uncomfortable conclusion that God had a wife.” Francesca Stavrakopoulou. In the beginning… what beginning? The concepts of beginning and end belong to the… Continue Reading “In The Beginning”

Feminine of the Deep

“Love revealed itself to me as being the free flow of energy, and loving being like breathing. If you do it properly you will remain connected to your divinity, if you stifle and force, or fear it, you contract and slowly die.” Shantara Mu… Continue Reading “Feminine of the Deep”

Surviving = Thriving

How to thrive in an age of extinction? Extinction by vaccine sterility, cancer, chemicals, ecocide and ultimately 5G. We cannot stop it we can only survive it. Paradoxically, surviving equals thriving. Here’s how : The test is smarts … out-of-the-box smarts. Coz if you… Continue Reading “Surviving = Thriving”


What is femininity?  How do we know? We are all raised within this masculine paradigm where women and men behave like hunters with single pointed deadly focus. We have patriarchal consciousness regardless of which gender we identify with. All the sounds, structures, systems, science… Continue Reading “Femininity”

Rune #6

Ramblings of Wombmankind : 1. Why am I wasted? There’s no one to hold me. Men run away. I’m too intense.  >anger< If I was intense and beautiful – that would be different. If you are intense, you are beautiful. If I could be… Continue Reading “Rune #6”


Why do you take lonely paths to hidden beaches? You could have gone to Celestial Odessy. I’m sure it was glam and gorgeous sistars yoga-ing to beaut tunes… but the journey to and staying in big smoke Orcland made my spirit shrink. So here I… Continue Reading “Yogini”

Relationship à la Deida

“If your identity is based on relationship, you can extend it – in many directions. If your identity is based upon things you have to hold onto it and guard your ego boundaries.” Dolores La Chapelle. What is it that makes modern relationships such… Continue Reading “Relationship à la Deida”

Falling from Grace

I am lying by the fire, scent of sage and the trance like voice of Osher River Oriyah leads me in. When my inner vision awakens I am unable to move as soldiers raid the temple. I am unable to move – why? My… Continue Reading “Falling from Grace”