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What is femininity?  How do we know? We are all raised within this masculine paradigm where women and men behave like hunters with single pointed deadly focus. We have patriarchal consciousness regardless of which gender we identify with. All the sounds, structures, systems, science… Continue Reading “Femininity”

Rune #6

Ramblings of Wombmankind : 1. Why am I wasted? There’s no one to hold me. Men run away. I’m too intense.  >anger< If I was intense and beautiful – that would be different. If you are intense, you are beautiful. If I could be… Continue Reading “Rune #6”

Relationship à la Deida

“If your identity is based on relationship, you can extend it – in many directions. If your identity is based upon things you have to hold onto it and guard your ego boundaries.” Dolores La Chapelle. What is it that makes modern relationships such… Continue Reading “Relationship à la Deida”

Falling from Grace

I am lying by the fire, scent of sage and the trance like voice of Osher River Oriyah leads me in. When my inner vision awakens I am unable to move as soldiers raid the temple. I am unable to move – why? My… Continue Reading “Falling from Grace”

Raunchy – not #metoo

I have to admit – I never know how to be raunchy. It mystifies me. I can’t fit my psyche into what it takes to be sexy. It’s over my head. I did try. Stockings and stilettos don’t do it for me. These are… Continue Reading “Raunchy – not #metoo”

Dedication to Truth/Radical Self Care

Dedication to truth and radical self care, says Aisha Salem, can hold this culture in the embrace of existence as heaven on earth. What does that mean? Here I walk in the forest; dedicated to truth and self care. I’ve left all responsibilities, all… Continue Reading “Dedication to Truth/Radical Self Care”

Scapegoat Yoga

I see a beautiful brown mama goat down below, lying next to her white baby goat. Having fallen off the cliff, they are both devastated on a wide, flat rock; dead. Tears come. Oh the agony of this culture killing love! Animals constantly losing… Continue Reading “Scapegoat Yoga”

Sovereign Aloneness

Celebrating aloneness. I’m not sure how I ended up alone, it was not my intention. I think I got here in the service of truth. Truth over glamour, truth over lies, truth – more than codependency. It only looks so cosy in other people’s… Continue Reading “Sovereign Aloneness”

Tantric Leapfrog

“There is a fundamental psychological law none can escape: descent is commensurate with ascent. One cannot descend farther than one has ascended, because the force necessary for descent is the very same force needed for ascent. If, by accident, someone descended lower than his… Continue Reading “Tantric Leapfrog”

Materialise Spirit (spirit into matter)

How to materialise Spirit – there’s only one way : Conceive, birth. Any other way we claim to do this is imaginary, fraudulent; as what we are here to do is spiritualise matter – turn matter into spirit. So calling down angels, ascended masters,… Continue Reading “Materialise Spirit (spirit into matter)”

Life as Artist

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